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Did you know? Wedderspoon is the first and only non-GMO verified Manuka honey in the world.

Yes, in the world!

As you know, GMO’s are a controversial topic for several reasons. In our opinion, they not only have a negative impact on our health, but our earth and local farmers suffer from the pesky genetically modified organisms, too.

This is why we are proud to be GMO-free. Since the beginning of Wedderspoon in 2005, the focus of the family owned business has been to bring it’s  customers superior quality products which benefit themselves and the environment. We appreciate our earth and want to be kind to it as well, so we use organic practices that are not harmful and that are sustainable.

Following the FDA‘s decision to phase out the use of trans-fats in processed foods (which includes indicating on the nutrition label whether trans-fats are present or not), companies around the world are joining forces and putting pressure on having the same regulations for GMO labeling. Currently there is no rule as to whether “GMO” legally has to be published on the label of a product. However, consumers are becoming more aware, and they are doing their research. Organizations know it is detrimental to the earth and to themselves, and people are taking steps towards change through petitions, media coverage, etc. to spread the word even further. (source, sourcesource)

Fact: Did you know bees are harmed by the use of GMOs and pesticides?

Imagine this: A crop of Canadian corn has been planted with GMO seeds. This crop has also been sprayed with a chemical known as neonicotinoid, a specialized class of neuro-active insecticide. While this chemical is used mainly to ward off harmful insects, unfortunately the bee ingests this deadly potion as she pollinates the corn plant. When the neonicotinoid is sprayed directly on a plant, the bee dies instantly. However, when the neonicotinoid is sprayed on the seed and then planted (which is a lower yet still powerful dose of the chemical), the bee becomes disorientated after ingesting the poisonous substance. The bee will try to fly back to her beehive, but the effects of the neonicotinoid are too strong and she becomes lost, eventually dying miles away from her home. The worst part? Neonicotinoids are one of the best selling commercial insecticides for farm crops in North America and are used every day on a wide range of farm land around the world. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could simply let the bees fly free without any risk? (sourcesource)


Since we are GMO free, this means certain retailers are interested in our products. In the world of retail, buyers have high standards for the products they want sold in their stores. They want the right products at the right time for their right consumer. It’s an efficient formula that can lead to great success.

Why is this important to us?

As part of Whole Food’s new policy to enforce GMO Labeling in their stores, we are encouraging Canadian retailers to embrace the practice of non-GMO labeling. We support this idea by providing non-GMO verified products to the marketplace, and since 2005 have indicated that we are non-GMO on our product labels. Wouldn’t it be nice to walk into your local food retailer and see a display of non-GMO approved products to choose from? No longer would we have to spend hours upon hours researching the best products for our family to use and consume. Wouldn’t it be nice if all products were non-GMO approved?

Unfortunately, the line is still blurred in regards to GMO labeling. While corporations are aware that it is harmful to the environment and to consumers, there is still no black and white rule in place. On that note, we are proud to be the first non-GMO verified Manuka honey available in the marketplace today. This step alone will lead to future achievements as we fight the GMO battle. (sourcesource)

We are proud to be carried in various retailers worldwide who share our same values and we are excited for the future of Wedderspoon as we continue to grow. Creating products that are not only safe for our customers as well as the environment is always the top priority of Wedderspoon. Therefor our goal of supporting healthy farming and manufacturing practices has attributed to our global success. Likewise, it is in our interest to be transparent with our customers. If you have questions of any kind for us, we will answer them. We want to be honest and build trust with our customers, vendors, and friends. After all, these relationships have helped build the company we are today.


We sincerely thank you for your support. To learn more about the non-GMO movement, please see the links below.

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