Feature Friday: Organic Hydrosols


Wedderspoon Organic Hydrosols are made by steam-distilling plant materials. They have similar properties to an essential oil, though the concentration is much lower. Our true method of steam distilling gives you the benefits of the whole plant.

How do I use them?

Organic hydrosols make an excellent room freshner. Trouble sleeping? Spray our Grosso or Munstead Lavendar scent on your pillow for a relaxing, peaceful sleep. Looking to cool yourself off on a hot day? Spritz yourself with our Mint hydrosol, and as an added bonus, use it as a facial toner before you moisturize. Mint has exceptional calming qualities. On the other hand, our Lemon balm scent will give you the energy boost you need to pick yourself up. Plus it can be used on general skin irritations. Both our Thyme and Cucumber scents make for nice body sprays, or use them to tone the skin and protect against imperfections.

Bonus Tip: Spraying our Organic Hydrosols in your hair after shampooing will make your locks shiny and smooth. Additionally, we especially love how the hydrosols are soothing and anti-inflammatory for our winter skin.

Can’t find our organic hydrosols in stores near you? We have you covered. Ordering online is available as an alternative.

Happy Friday!