Commercial, Mainstream & Conventional Honey VS Raw Honey


*Disclaimer: This post is not a medical document and has not been written by a doctor or health practitioner. If you are experiencing an illness or disease and are looking to use honey for medical purposes, please consult with your doctor or health practitioner. This post has been published for general information/knowledge purposes only.

Honey comes in all kinds of flavours, colours, smells, and varieties. However, it’s not as simple as you may think, and often times the label does not give you all the information you may need when choosing the perfect honey for your palate. Pasteurised or unpasteurised? Raw or processed? It can be overwhelming when you are standing in front of the shelves with jars upon jars of the sweet stuff looming in front of you, but let’s take a step back and debunk the honey debaccle together.

Let’s take a look at the first contender: Commercial, Mainstream and Conventional Honey

Commercial, mainstream, and conventional honey is more likely to be extremely pasteurised. While this may sound “okay” to the unknowing consumer, it does have downfalls when paired against the raw varieties.

– Less nutrient-dense: Commercial, mainstream, and conventional honey has normally a liquid texture that can be easily squeezed through a tube. This is caused by boiling the honey during the manufacturing process. Unfortunately, this heating of the honey actually destroys many of the beneficial nutrients honey naturally holds, thus making it less nutritious next to raw honey.

What does pasteurisation mean to the consumer?

The heating described above is called pasteurisation. This process gives honey the golden colour and syrup-like texture we have come to know. The honey is heated to 70 degrees Celsius or more, which essentially destroys any live enzymes as well as reducing the pollen count in the honey and leaves a “honey syrup” consisting of pure sugar. So, why bother?

– Widely available: Commercial, mainstream, and conventional honey can be found in most food retailers. However, raw honey is considered a specialty item and is gaining popularity with various retailers. Reading the label and educating yourself on what true raw honey is will be valuable when differentiating between the two. As an alternative to purchasing our products in store, ordering online is available.

Buyer Beware: While some sources say pasteurised honey is the best for your health, the opposite is actually true. There is a myth that lies around infant botulism and the consumption of raw honey while pregnant. Since raw honey is antibacterial, the spores of botulism cannot thrive and continue to develop. Contrary to mainstream belief, these spores cannot be killed by pasteurisation. Studies within the last 40 years show there is actually a higher risk of encountering these spores in dust and soil. Unpasteurised honey will give you more vitamins, nutrients, pollen, and overall health benefits than the pasteurised counterparts. (source, source)


Contender Two: Raw Honey

As hinted above, raw honey is substantially more beneficial to your health than commercial, mainstream, and conventional honey. What exactly can raw honey do for you? And what does “raw honey” even mean?

First of all, let’s talk about what “raw honey” means to us as consumers:

– Raw honey has not been processed and is as close to its natural state as possible. The process of pasteurisation is possibly one of the biggest differences between the two.

– Raw honey has a higher antioxidant and nutrient content than commercial, mainstream, and conventional honey. On the same note, raw honey has a higher pollen count which aids in its health properties.

Buyer’s Tip: Remember to carefully read the label on the honey jar. All Wedderspoon honey is 100% raw, though many brands do not indicate this. Self-educating and knowing how your honey is prepared will help you make the best informed decision.

Benefits of Raw Honey

Aside from being delicious, raw honey can help everything from a sore throat to healing wounds.

– Need a burst of energy? The Vitamin B in raw honey will give you more pep in your step! Additionally, you’ll be getting a fair dose of Vitamin C, which helps strengthen our immune system. It is also full of potassium, phosphorus, calcium, copper, and iron. Bonus: Honey has 18 amino acids! (source)

– Raw honey is an excellent topical treatment for the skin. It is extremely moisturizing, and it is soothing for dry, sensitive skin. Plus, it reduces inflammation. Raw honey also makes for a great skin treatment year round and can help clear up difficult acne. (source) To get to know Wedderspoon’s body care lines using raw Manuka honey, please take a look at our Queen of the Hive line.

– Raw honey can reduce free radicals in the skin. This means it halts the spread of skin damage. Likewise, raw honey also contains flavanoids that may prevent heart disease, Parkinson’s disease, Alzeihmer’s disease, and certain cancers. (source, source, source)

– Raw honey has antibacterial and antifungal properties. This is especially important as raw honey can heal wounds and burns. (source)

If you suffer from insomnia, look no further than your jar of raw Manuka honey. The liver stores about 8 hours worth of glycogen, and chances are that glyocgen will deplete completely between dinner time and when you wake up. Once the glycogen has been used up, your body releases cortisol, a stress hormone produced naturally in our body. Cortisol travels through our body at a rapid pace which in turn makes our heart beat faster and raise glucose insulin levels. Solution? A tablespoon or two of raw honey before bed feeds your liver the ideal amount of glycogen needed to get you through a peaceful night’s sleep. This is because the glycogen from honey releases slowly which prevents the release of cortisol. Additionally, raw honey will optimize your metabolism and aid in a slimmer physique while you are off in dream land! (source, source)

– Raw honey is the perfect trick to soothe a sore throat and ease a cough. (source) Raw honey can clear your sinuses – simply mix a tablespoon of raw honey with hot water, place a towel over your head and inhale the steam. Voila, all clear!

– Using raw honey can help your ticker, too. Raw honey lowers cholesterol, and can also give you a physical boost during exercise due to the high carbohydrate content. (source)

– Raw honey has the ability to treat ulcers and soothe nerves. Additionally, it supports healthy bacteria in the gut which aids in digestion. (source)

Why Wedderspoon Honey?

Our honey is raw and pure, and it is important to us to maintain that high standard. Each item we produce is individually examined to ensure quality, purity, and efficiency. Additionally, our honey has one of the highest natural pollen counts compared to other honey available on the market. This means you are getting a large amount of live enzymes, vitamins, and minerals in your honey. For the last 8 years, our honey has been tested for Manuka honey pollen counts up to 95%. Furthermore, our honey is never heated beyond 40 degrees Celsius which helps preserve its naturally raw state and unpasteurised properties.

On a world-wide scale, Wedderspoon has been accepted as a leading brand in the honey industry thanks to word of mouth and clear results that made you continually support our products. Thank you!

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